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CommonBond has teamed up with Fifth Third Bank to help you simplify and save money when refinancing your student loans.

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Refinance. Reset.

We pay off your old loans and replace them with a single loan. You could save money every month or pay off your student debt more quickly.

  • No origination fees and no pre-payment penalties
  • Rates starting at ?.??% APR (with autopay)
  • Consolidate both private and federal loans into one easy payment
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Frequently asked questions

What is the relationship between CommonBond and Fifth Third?

Fifth Third Bank has teamed up with CommonBond, a leading student lender, to help Fifth Third customers refinance their student loans. Fifth Third Bank may refer customers to CommonBond, but is not the creditor for the loans. Compensation for such referrals may be paid by CommonBond to Fifth Third Bank if the referral results in new business for CommonBond.

Does taking out a loan with CommonBond mean I have a loan with Fifth Third?

Your loan will be with CommonBond, not Fifth Third, so at this time your loan will not be visible within any Fifth Third account dashboard. However, CommonBond’s Customer Care Team will be here to assist you with your account and answer all questions! You can contact us by calling +1-858-348-8946 between the hours of 9 AM – 8 PM EST, Monday-Friday; and 9 AM - 5 PM EST, Saturday and Sunday.

How can CommonBond offer lower interest rates than my current student loans?

In many instances, your original student loans were either at a single, universal rate provided by the government or from a private lender at a time where you likely had minimal credit history or income. CommonBond gives you an interest rate based on your current credit history and income, which allows us to offer a lower rate in many instances. Please note: Rates and terms are subject to credit qualifications.

How do I know if refinancing is right for me?

When you refinance, your old loans are paid off and combined into one, simple loan. You might consider refinancing if you are eligible for a lower interest rate, want to decrease your monthly payments, or switch from a fixed-rate loan to a variable-rate loan or vice versa. We can refinance federal, private, and previously consolidated loans.

How does the Fifth Third Momentum™ app work together with CommonBond?

Fifth Third Momentum™ works automatically by rounding up your debit card purchases and applying it to your student loan balance. When you tack on the added savings you get by refinancing with CommonBond, you create even more momentum and pay off your student loans even faster! To learn more, visit 53.com/momentum.

Why commonbond?

Low rates

You'll get a low, competitive interest rate tailored to your personal financial situation.

Payment protections

Life happens. Postpone payments if you run into financial hardship.

Award-winning service

Our friendly Care Team has seen it all. We’ll be by your side every step of the way.

Social impact

For every loan funded, we fund a child’s education in the developing world.


We're here to help

As a Fifth Third customer, you receive priority support from our dedicated Care Team. We're available by phone and live chat Monday–Friday, 9am–8pm EST, and Saturday-Sunday, 9am-5pm EST; and you can email us anytime.