5 Things You Need to Know for Your First Year of Business School

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We have almost a dozen MBAs here at CommonBond: a part-timer who just finished his first year, a 2015 graduate, and more.

Now that it’s fall semester, we asked them what they wished they knew during their first year of business school. Among a couple surprises (who wants a roommate again?!), they offered some great advice for those just starting their MBAs:

Go to as many speaking events as possible

It’s easy to forget that you have access to a wide variety of speakers since there are so many events to attend in business school. Still, make sure you go! At the very least, depending on your specific interests, keep track of 3-5 campus talks a semester that you’d like to see.

Try to get core classes waived 

Make sure you investigate which core classes you can skip over in your MBA program. Many schools allow you to test out of certain courses, so you won’t enroll in any core classes that you don’t actually need (or want) to take. Plus, you get to take your electives sooner.

Engage with your professors 

There’s a whole host of people dedicated to helping you learn while you’re at business school. The professors you have could be your newest and best mentors, so make sure you spend some time getting to know them. Whether you attend office hours or just chat after class, your professors will take notice.

Get a roommate (or two, or three)

A huge part of getting your MBA is building your network, and a really easy – and organic – way to do that is to live with some classmates. A lot of schools set up roommate selection, so make sure you check out your school’s options.

Keep an open mind

When it comes to the first year of getting their MBA, almost everyone said they wish someone had told them to keep an open mind. One of our product managers, Glenna, started business school with a plan for her concentration: media management. She ended up very, very far from that and graduated with a focus on finance and marketing.  Needless to say, she’s happy she kept an open mind about her concentration; it brought her to CommonBond! Whether it comes to your concentration or the internship you want, flexibility won’t hurt. In fact, it’ll probably help!

Follow these 5 steps from our in-house MBAs and you’re sure to have a great first year of business school. (Even if you don’t, you’ll still have one of the best years to date; I know the MBAs at CommonBond still did.)

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