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CommonBond Kicks off Annual MBA Summer Series: Here's What to Expect in 2018

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Every year, CommonBond hosts the MBA Summer Series—weekly events in June and July designed to help business school students (and anyone else who's interested) learn more about how to leverage their knowledge and experience toward a new career path. This year will be no different: the 2018 MBA Summer Series kicks off tonight with "Making the Jump from Corporate to Startup."

All of the 2018 MBA Summer Series events feature panel discussions and Q&A followed by networking receptions, as MBA-graduate speakers share their wisdom and experiences. Events are free to attend; food and drinks will be provided.

This year's event schedule includes:

Making the Jump from Corporate to Startup — June 14

How can an MBA prepare you for a new, impactful career at a fast-growing organization? Find out from four executives who took the risk and learned how to make it pay off. The event will be hosted by Keryn Koch, VP of people at CommonBond, and feature Ari Gayer, director of marketing at Zola; Lisa Bloch, senior product marketing manager at Etsy; Xavier de Gracia, associate director at Handy; and Rachel Chamberlain, director of operations at Ellevest.


From B-School to Co-FounderJune 21

A business school education may help prepare you for starting your own company, but what you learn and do outside the classroom will be just as critical. Founders of four of today's most innovative companies will be on hand to explain the need-to-know points of building something brand new. Tara Fung, team leader, enterprise sales at CommonBond, will host the panel, and guests are Emily Motayed, co-founder of Havenly; Jon Staff, founder and CEO of Getaway; Gil Addo, co-founder and CEO of RubiconMD; and Tammy Kwan, co-founder and CEO of Cognitive Toybox.


GirlBoss: Inspiration from Female FoundersJune 28

In a business landscape that's still largely male-dominated, women entrepreneurs can face specific challenges. Four co-founders will discuss what they learned en route to creating successful companies, and what advice they have for other entrepreneurs. The speakers for this event are Jenna Kerner, co-founder of Harper Wilde; Yi-Hsian Godfrey, CEO and co-founder of Apiari; Alison Bloom-Kiefer, co-founder of Know Your Crew and senior product manager at CommonBond; and Cindy Kim, co-founder and co-CEO of Silver Mirror.


Developing Your Professional BrandJuly 12 

In a world where perception is reality, the way you represent yourself is crucial to your career success. From tips on presentation to sharing what recruiters look for in MBA talent, this event will teach you how to make the right professional mark. This event will be feature a workshop from LinkedIn's Nick Stannard, manager, customer success on building an effective LinkedIn profile. The first 25 people to arrive at the event will receive a free professional headshot.


Launching/Working at a Values-Driven CompanyJuly 19

The corporate world offers many opportunities, and some of the most valuable ones are those that allow workers to do good. Today, many companies make a socially responsible mission one of their top priorities. Executives from such organizations will be on hand to share why these values are key to full-fledged success and how to make them a part of your own career. The event will be hosted by Robb Granado, COO of CommonBond, and include panelists Chaitenya Razdan; co-founder and CEO of Care+Wear; Suma Reddy, co-founder and COO of Farmshelf; and Lisa Barnett, co-founder and CMO of Little Spoon.


The Future of FintechJuly 26

Technology has changed the finance industry forever, but since technology is always evolving, what comes next? Blockchain, lending, financial inclusion, and more will be explored in the concluding panel of the 2018 MBA Summer Series. Veena Ramaswamy, VP of strategy at CommonBond, will host a panel featuring Steph Vaughan, VP of capital markets at Block X Ventures; Hassan Ahmed, director of business operations at Merlon Intelligence; and Arend Kulenkampff, senior associate at Bankable Frontier Associates.


All of the 2018 MBA Summer Series events will be held at CommonBond's headquarters in Soho, NYC from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM. We'll see you there!

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