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CommonBond's Spring Savings Scholarship Winner Shows Drive and Determination

When Michelle Posen found out that she had won CommonBond's Spring Savings $5,000 Scholarship, she wasas you might imagine, thrilled. "It was amazing," Michelle told CommonBond. "It felt too good to be true." This news was exactly what the New York native needed. It's sure to be valuable as she takes her background in advertising to the next level at New York University's Stern School of Business.

Michelle initially decided to get her MBA because she wanted to expand her analytics skillset and get into the statistical side of advertisinga traditionally male-dominated discipline. By studying marketing, management, and other data-driven aspects of advertising at Stern, Michelle hopes to not only advance her own career, but also help make inroads for other women who will follow her professional path.

Still, it hasn't been easy. Business school requires a rigorous commitment in terms of both time and money. Michelle is working full time at MediaCom while at Stern, and balancing a full-time career with her studies hasn't been easy. It requires a lot of careful time management, and Michelle has found that the first sacrifice to such a busy life is sleep. Thankfully, while she figures out how to optimize her calendar, she'll be able to worry a little less about money. The scholarship will allow her to continue paying for business school while making it easier for her to manage her regular expenses.

CommonBond's Spring Savings Scholarship has turned out to be a win-win thus far. Obviously, the monetary prize has made a major difference in how Michelle will pay for school, but getting the word out may help other students, as well. Michelle first heard about the scholarship via a newsletter put out by Stern's Women in Business club, and she encouraged her fellow members to apply because she wanted them to have the same opportunity that she did. While it was Michelle who ultimately won, the contest prompted candid conversations in the Women in Business club about how its members are paying for school. That kind of forethought and planning can be as valuable as the scholarship itself.

Michelle's win has had a palpable, positive impact on others, and she's planning for her career in advertising to do the same thing. And while her goals are lofty, she can devote a bit more focus to them now that CommonBond's scholarship has provided her some financial ease.

Of course, there's also something to be said for a well-deserved break, taken the way MBA students like best. "I definitely want to use some of the money I will save to travel," laughs Michelle.

CommonBond is giving away three more MBA scholarships this spring! Apply by April 30.

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