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How Dental Students Get Better Rates with CommonBond

At CommonBond, we’ve been supporting students with better student loans for years. We have deep experience working with investors to build programs that offer great rates to students based on their strong prospects. We started with refinance and MBA loans and we're thrilled to now offer a new in-school option for dental students. 


We heard from ASDA, current dental students, and their financial aid officers that there was a need for another option to cover the cost of dental school. We’ve also worked with thousands of doctors and dentists in our refinance business, so we knew the challenges they face in paying for school and wanted to help lower the cost.


A Gap in the Market


Many students are familiar with the Federal Grad PLUS loan. What most don’t realize, however, is that the federal government offers the same interest rate to all graduate students, regardless of the student’s course of study or future earning potential. The current Federal Grad PLUS loan carries a 7.6% interest rate and 4.25% origination fee.[1] Dental students are not your average student – so a one-size-fits-all loan didn’t seem right.


Dental students are a high-achieving, accomplished group. We recognize how competitive it is to get into dental school, the high rates of graduation, employment and strong earning potential. Dental school, and a dental career, is a smart investment for you. And we believe it’s a smart investment for us, because we understand the great prospects dental students have.


How CommonBond is Different


CommonBond is a new kind of student loan company. We look at each borrower as an individual and use technology to offer dynamic pricing that’s personalized to your unique situation. In addition, while we were creating this new product, we worked with ASDA to build our student loan specifically for dental students. We thought there should be a better option that reflects the great prospects dental students have.


CommonBond’s Dental Loan interest rates start at 5.56%, and only carry a 2% origination fee.[2] A student that takes a 10-year fully deferred loan with CommonBond could save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.[3] We’re excited to partner with the next generation of dentists and help today’s dental students invest in their future.


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[2] Interest rates are subject to change and origination fee is subject to state law restrictions.

[3]Based on a $50,000 loan amount

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