Leadership, CommonBond, and 7 Books for Your Shelf—Weekend Reads

October 16, 2015

Leadership, CommonBond, and 7 Books for Your Shelf—Weekend Reads                             Posted October 16, 2015 by admin

Forbes: 7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable

There's a lot you can do to become an unforgettable boss—in a good way. When you're personable, passionate, and treat your people like individuals you're off to a good start. Read this article to read more about these 3 (and 4 more) ways to become the best boss you can be.


33voices: CommonBond's Renewable Source of Internal Energy

This interview with our CEO, David Klein, highlights his story as an entrepreneur and what sets CommonBond apart. From our Social Promise to our approach to hiring, CommonBond is a unique company. This article describes what really makes us different, directly from our co-founder and CEO.


Medium: Seven Books Every MBA Student Needs to Read

If you're interested in startups and are getting your MBA (or even if you aren't), there are 7 books and blog posts that belong on your reading list. Topics span from management to design to data, and if you read them all you'll be in the best position for making the move to a startup.


Leadership, CommonBond, and 7 Books for Your Shelf – Weekend Reads

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