Startup Life, Fintech Savings and the Best Way to Make a Difference—Weekend Reads

February 12, 2016

Weekend Reads

Xconomy:CommonBond, The Muse, Common, and Gimlet Media Get Real on Startup Life

CommonBond hosted a panel about how to thrive in the startup economy with Brad Hargreaves, CEO of Common and co-founder of General Assembly; Kathryn Minshew, CEO of The Muse; Matt Lieber, president of Gimlet Media; and CommonBond CEO and Co-Founder David Klein. "You don't have to follow the popular narrative of what it means to be an entrepreneur," Lieber said. Looking to get a feel for a more entrepreneurial role? Sign up for our free panel "Making the Jump—From Corporate to Startups" February 24, 6:30 p.m. at CommonBond's New York City headquarters.

Money Summit

Using Fintech to Help Debt-Ridden Students Save $14,581 Zack Friedman, CommonBond's head of finance, discusses how fintech companies and traditional banks are using technology to improve the customer experience. "On our platform, technology simplifies the application process for our members such that those who want to refinance their student loan can apply for a loan of up to $500,000 and receive their new interest rate in minutes. That's a tremendous advancement in financial services," Friedman said. "CommonBond also makes it very simple to apply for a loan on mobile devices. And many of our applicants have in fact done that, which has really been quite revolutionary. When you look at the combination of big data analytics and new online distribution channels, financial technology companies have been leading the way in financial services."


Social Entrepreneurship: What's the Best Way to Make a Difference? Sixty percent of all social enterprises today were founded within the past eight years. This article describes the different journeys of three social entrepreneurs had in Africa working to protect children from water-borne illnesses, to provide families with alternatives to kerosene lamps, and to train workers for software jobs. Do you believe that for-profit businesses can be a positive force for change? Then you could win $10,000 in the 3rd annual CommonBond Social Impact Award. Apply now!

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