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Supporting our medical heroes

Becoming a medical professional takes years of training and an incredible amount of effort – not to mention investment. We get it. At CommonBond, we have proudly helped the medical community save on their student loans for years.

With many of our medical community on the frontlines fighting COVID-19, or experiencing acute economic disruption because it, we wanted to help even more. We are granting a "payment pause" (forbearance) to our members who let us know they are facing COVID-related hardship; and for our medical community specifically, we are gifting an additional $1,200 to five (5) of our members, who had been impacted by the pandemic.

We landed on $1,200 because that is the amount of the government stimulus to individuals. Some in our medical community might not qualify for the stimulus, and even if they did, this is a way to get funds much faster. Our medical community takes care of us in normal (and not-so-normal) times - we want to take care of them now.

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