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U.S. Visa Holders Have a New Way to Pay Off Student Debt

For many international students who study in the U.S. and graduate with student debt, their visa status has prevented them from taking advantage of the same refinancing benefit that their U.S. friends benefit from—until now!


Today, we are thrilled to extend eligibility for student loan refinancing to all major visa holders who have graduated from a U.S. Title IV undergraduate or graduate school. These visa types include: H1-B, J-1, L-1,E-2, and E-3.


With this move, we have the potential to ease the financial burden of student debt for about 2.4 million more U.S.-based workers. We are excited and proud to extend our commitment to lowering the cost of higher education for everyone—regardless of citizenship.


We’ve wanted to make this change for a long time—and today, because of the team’s tireless work and our capital partners’ keen trust in us, we’re in a position to solve this need. We believe that those who have journeyed to the U.S. in pursuit of higher education, and joined the American workforce in pursuit of economic opportunity, should have the ability to lower the cost of their education through student loan refinancing.


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