Weekend Reads: Student Loans, Graduate School Debt, and Entrepreneurship

June 19, 2015

Weekend Reads: Student Loans, Graduate School Debt, and Entrepreneurship                             Posted November 14, 2014 by Kaitlin Butler

US News: Average Student Loan Debt Approaches $30,000

The Institute for College Access and Success has recently reported an uptick in average student loan debt among new graduates: Approximately 70 of the Class of 2013 left school with $28,400 in student loans on average. The average debt load topped $30,000 per graduate in five states across the U.S., and just one state, New Mexico, reported an average student debt load of under $20,000.


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Daily Finance: Student Loan Debt A Rapidly Growing Burden for Affluent Grads

In October, the Pew Research Center uncovered two key trends within the rising cost of education: While student loan debt is most concentrated among lower and lower-middle-class students, student debt has risen the most in the last decade for high-income students. Specifically, about half of students from families earning over $125,000 have student loans—twice the percentage reported in 1992 and the largest jump among all income ranges. Read on for the key contributing factors and the forecast for these students after graduation.


White Coat Investor: The Medical Entrepreneur: A Review

Doctors, considering starting your own practice right out of residency? The White Coat Investor site is a great starting point in its own right, and here the author discusses Dr. Steven Hacker's The Medical Entrepreneur. For certain types of medical entrepreneurs, the White Coat Investor writes, "[he has not seen] a better manual" than this book. You can read more about The Medical Entrepreneur below or browse this site's many other resources in order to better utilize your money and achieve your financial goals.


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