We're Going to Ghana: Seeing Our Social Impact In Person (Part 1 of 3)

This is the first in a series of three blog posts from each of the CommonBond borrowers who joined us on our 2015 trip to Ghana with Pencils of Promise. We asked each of them to write about why they are excited about the trip and what they are looking forward to.


Kate Agnew 

School/Grad Year

MITSloan School of Management, Class of 2016 

What She's Bringing on the Plane:

Her journal to document her travels 

Kate's Story

I have always had a passion for improving the learning conditions of young girls. Prior to starting at MIT Sloan, I was the managing director of a non-profit organization, Girls in Tech Minneapolis. The goal was clear: increase the number of girls pursuing technology professions by increasing their access to education and to strong female role models. Even though I am no longer involved in Girls in Tech, this topic continues to be something I feel strongly about and will continue with once I earn my MBA. Girls all over the world should have better, equal access to education. It is this passion that drives my desire to learn more about non-profit education abroad.

The increased popularity of cause marketing has also turned my attention to the 1-for-1 model of non-profits. I first heard of TOMS through Hanson's Take the Walk tour, and have been interested in the model ever since. How can we encourage more affluent people to give to those who do not have the same? By participating in this once-in-a-lifetime learning experience in Ghana, I hope to learn ways to apply this model to future for-purpose driven initiatives.

Lastly, I know this opportunity will teach me so much. Beyond learning about education and non-profit work, I will see a first-hand account of how to start from scratch. Adam Braun created something that is truly changing lives. Through this inspiration, I know I can do the same.

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