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Why is this important?

Your team is worried about student debt—we’ve all heard that by now. Student debt is over $1.5 trillion, and the cost of college has risen by 1,300% since 1971 (we wrote a white paper on its impact in the workplace).

CommonBond For Business makes it easy for you to provide forward-thinking student loan benefits that transform your team’s financial wellness and set your company apart in the hiring pool. They get the support they need, and you attract and retain better talent. Everybody wins.

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Choose your benefits

There’s more than one way to turn student debt relief into a company benefit. Our customizable options make it easy to find the solution that suits your team.

Flex Contribution

Help them reach financial freedom faster by contributing either directly towards their student loan payments every month or by offering them tax-advantaged 401(k) contributions.


Offer them a personalized look at the state of their student debt, plus recommendations for navigating their finances.


Help them replace old student loans with a smarter, single loan so they can pay off debt more quickly or save money over the long run.

Student Loans

Give them access to affordable student loans that come with award-winning care, best-in-class borrower protection,
and 1-for-1 promise that helps young students in the developing world.

What the people want


say student loan benefits would increase commitment to their employer.


with student debt would accept a job if the company offered student loan benefits.


How it works

Stats make it simple

We’ll show you how much your employees' owe in student debt, and we’ll make it easy to find a solution that works seamlessly into your system.

Options let you innovate

Customize the products that make sense for your team, and help your company stand out as a thought-leading talent magnet.

Results help you grow

Great talent is expensive. Your new benefits will attract and retain the people you want, and boost your team’s happiness and productivity.


Meet your specialist

Set up your platform and bring it to life with the help of a dedicated account manager. We’ll provide onboarding materials at the start and helpful resources throughout that make it easy for the entire team to jump in. We’re available by phone and live chat Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm EST, and you can email us anytime.

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