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We offer the best student loan benefit program. As your employees’ guide on their education finance journey, we’ll walk them, and you, through every step of the process.

With the cost of college rising on average 213% in the last 20 years (check out our white paper on debt’s impact in the workplace), it is our goal to provide your company with customizable tools to support your employees’ ability to pay for school for themselves or their family. They get the support they need, and you attract and retain better talent. Everybody wins.

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Choose your benefits

There’s more than one way to turn student debt relief into a company benefit. Our customizable options make it easy to find the solution that suits your team.

Flex contribution

Help employees reach financial freedom faster by contributing either directly towards their student loan payments every month or by offering them tax-advantaged 401(k) contributions.


Our support tool for education finance decisions helps employees determine the best course of action for handling their student loans and how to save for future education expenses.

Student loans

Refinancing: Replaces employees' old student loans with a smarter, single loan to help reduce student debt.
Student loans: Affordable loans to help cover the cost of education for employees or their families.

What the people want


say student loan benefits would increase commitment to their employer.


with student debt would accept a job if the company offered student loan benefits.

The rundown

How it works

Stats make it simple

We'll show you the amount of student debt your team has, and find a solution that works for them and you.

Options let you innovate

We customize the products that work best for your team, and help your company stand out as a talent magnet.

We've got your back

A dedicated account manager will be your single point of contact, ensuring success and promoting the benefits to your employees.

Our social promise

Make an impact

For every employee that uses our benefits, we fund the education of a student in the developing world. Our partnership with Pencils of Promise has provided schools, teachers, and technology to thousands (and counting!) of young students in Ghana.

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Set up your platform and bring it to life with the help of a dedicated account manager. We’ll provide onboarding materials at the start and helpful resources throughout that make it easy for the entire team to jump in. We’re available by phone and live chat Monday–Friday, 9am–6pm EST, and you can email us anytime.

If you're a broker or benefits consultant, email brokers@commonbond.co.

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